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1. Software customization process


The client software requirements are put forward.

Detailed understanding of customer needs, research, analysis of software development and implementation of work.

Submit software function implementation scheme, project cycle and quotation.

Both parties have to sign contract software development technology, customers pay the down payment.

Related business to the customer to do detailed research, software detailed design, database design, software development, programming, finally through internal testing software.

We submit to the customer trial software and know for installation and operation; Customer testing software, put forward amendments, to improve the software.

Provide the final software operation manual, installation procedures, the formal running software.


2. Software after-sales service


Custom software in use process problems, all is solved by developers, for software during the commissioning period, can do adjustment according to actual application, the product to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Free, free training, one year free maintenance.

Free telephone, Internet, on-site technical support.

Software provides lifelong technical support.

Professional development team, senior industry development experience, and considerate after-sale service, can meet the various demand of your software management!


3. Part of the project - tel: 4007700821

Corniche office software

The family doctor system information management system platform development voice system

The corniche brand clothing sales system

The corniche brand catering industry management system

Corniche tourist accommodation management system

Medical insurance management information system

Enterprise management system

OA office automation system


General call center platform

B2C e-commerce platform

The e-government platform

VOIP voice system

The call center system


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